What I’m Leaving

I’m going to miss them, and I’m going to miss them dearly.
When Winter gives way to Spring next time, I will drive past them.
When Summer gives way to Fall next time, I will wonder about them.

I’m talking about the Maple Trees I live with and how I will miss them when I leave this home to make another.

When M. and I bought this house four years ago we were taken by the trees in the yard. If I’m honest, I was a little worried about their care (mature trees can be expensive). I thought about the gutters and the raking. But I was excited have them as my closest neighbors.

Watching them turn orange this past week has deepened both my love and my melancholy for them. These two trees stand – one in the front and one in the back – tall and strong like sentinels watching over us. You can see both, no matter which side of the house you stand on.

They have different energies. The one in the front is taller and bigger. His branches spread further and obscure some of the house. From the upstairs bedroom, you can get a good look into branches. This tree has always welcomed me home. Even when I’m a few blocks away, I can pick it out and know I’m home. IMG_1146

The tree in the back sits behind the garage and dominates the backyard. Someone more excited about a garden will lament and likely trim some branches. This is fine. This sweet tree won’t care. In moments of frustration and sadness, I have gone outside to seek her counsel. She whispers and nods along.

These two with their yin and yang energy over the house have marked my time here. They have flashed their gold-lit-green shade through the windows and given voice to the winds. They house the birds whose songs I love to listen to. They have kept me company in M’s absences and have made this urban-ish house feel like home for this country girl.


Is it too strange to say they have been my friends?
I’m not scared of being strange.
They have been my friends.

Today I went out and gathered a few leaves from each tree and started the process of preserving them to keep and bring with me. I’ll find a frame for one or two and find a place for them in the new house. I’ll bring them along. IMG_1147I may use this method to preserve my leaves: http://craftingagreenworld.com/2011/10/09/how-to-preserve-autumn-leaves-with-melted-beeswax/

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